About Us

We are a UK based business that designs, builds and provides unplugged, wireless sensor systems. Based in Liverpool, England we offer energy efficient monitoring solutions that convert ambient energy (energy harvesting) to remotely power and collect sensor data.

Aeternum's energy harvesting approach combines our patented RF-to-DC rectifying antenna with other well established methods such as solar and wind to power devices. The net result is a wireless sensor system that minimises the remote sensors footprint (size of the unit and power requirements), minimises field visits, and enables a smarter, greener, and more cost effective approach to environmental, smart city, agriculture, and industrial monitoring applications.

Read on to understand more about the primary elements of our unplugged wireless sensor systems and what sets us apart from others.

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Aeternum’s sensors are powered by technologies that capture and make use of abundant ambient energy (energy harvesting). This includes converting electromagnetic (EM) energy from mobile, radio transmitters and other wireless communication systems as well as energy from solar and wind based technologies. Our “unplugged” power solution allows you to place micro sensors anywhere while collecting and reporting information over long distances.

We use this converted energy to either top up a small battery or to power a device directly. By taking this approach, we are able to reduce the number of field visits (truck rolls) including the need to manually intervene or support whilst at the same time maintaining a continuous data stream that’s open to our dashboard and analytics work space.

Aeternum’s patented energy harvesting technology at work: Our rectifying antennas harvest small amounts of power from radio waves. This energy is then transformed using a process called DC-to-DC conversion which steps up voltage, whilst stepping down current. It is a form of switched mode power supply which converts electrical power efficiently using components that can fit on a human fingernail. It is this technology when combined with other typical energy harvesting technologies (for example, wind and solar) that allows Aeternum to offer unique, small footprint, unplugged solutions.



Hab Remote

Aeternum’s Hab Remote micro sensors collect data anywhere – urban, rural, agriculture or industrial. Real-time data that includes climate, environmental, and equipment related measurements and activity. We can monitor ambient light, noise, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds and gases (i.e. methane, nitrogen dioxide), bio-aerosols, as well as wireless network parameters and more.

In addition, our sensors consume only 40 milliamps for a fraction of a second and can fall into a deep sleep where it only uses 9 microamps. The bottom line — we pack a lot of capability into a small sensor.


Retrieving Data

Data collected by Aeternum’s sensors is retrieved using a secure wireless network specifically designed for the application.

Data may be retrieved over NB-IoT and LTE-M networks deployed on existing mobile operator networks or long-range wide area networks (LoRa WAN) using unlicensed spectrum.

This also includes the ability to remotely manage sensors such as adjusting thresholds, collection periods or other elements.


Viewing Data

Whether on a PC or a mobile device, Aeternum provides a viewing portal where you can quickly access and manage sensor data and sensor operations.

This includes custom designed dashboards, alerts, scheduled reports and other user-friendly, front-end tools that allow you to monitor and review the collected data.

This also includes big data analytics capabilities so you can dig deep and generate meaningful analyses.